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Born in Miami. Raised in the industry.

When you’re born in Miami, an insider’s knowledge of the place is hard-wired into your genetic code. You know quirky little spots that aren’t on any map, the best place to catch the skyline, and where to find the most amazing pool in town.

When you’re also born in the business (Dad is photographer Bob Gelberg), you know the right people to ask – for permits, for special arrangements, and for the keys to that fabulous house no one else has been able to get. There’s also something else you discover when you grow up assisting a photographer – how to see things with a photographer’s eye.

Location South has been finding – and managing – perfect locations for film, video, major motion pictures and still photography since 1986. Our experience covers Florida, and points south – the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

And our ability to handle the unexpected and to accomplish the impossible while remaining unflappable is proving itself everyday.

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